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Testing the Appropriateness of Diabetes Prevention and Care Information Given by the Online Conversational AI ChatGPT

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posted on 2023-06-15, 18:18 authored by Jison Hong, Nicholas Takayuki Kikuta, Anna Simos, Sandra Tsai, Bryant Lin, Fatima Rodriguez, Latha Palaniappan


Approximately 1.4 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes each year, and diabetes is one of the most common progressive conditions in the world (1,2). A survey of 1,000 U.S. adults found that three in four Americans leave doctor visits confused and dissatisfied because they do not fully understand information provided and consult third-party resources such as the internet to do their own research (3). In the United States, type 2 diabetes disproportionately affects ethnic and racial minority groups (4), with ~9% of the U.S. population having limited English proficiency (LEP). Patients with LEP and type 2 diabetes face several health disparities, including suboptimal patient-provider interactions, poorer glycemic control, and complications (5).