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Perceptions of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems in the T1D Exchange Diabetes Registry: Satisfaction, Concerns, and Areas for Future Improvement

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posted on 2023-08-23, 19:24 authored by Elizabeth Holt, Huyen Nguyen, Jeoffrey Bispham, Jingwen Liu, Katherine Chapman, Mike Grady

Manufacturers continue to improve performance and usability of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems. As CGM becomes a standard of care, especially for people on insulin therapy, it is important to routinely gauge how satisfied people with diabetes are with this technology. This article describes survey feedback from a large cohort of people with diabetes using older and current CGM systems and highlights areas of current satisfaction, concern, and future system improvement.

Key Points

· Ninety percent of survey respondents agreed that the majority of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensors were accurate. However, only 79% and 78% respectively, were satisfied with sensor performance on the first and last day of wear.

· Forty-two percent agreed that accuracy varies from sensor to sensor, with 54% experiencing skin reactions or irritation using sensors.

· Thirty-five percent were concerned about the impact of over-the-counter or prescription medications (e.g., cold and flu remedies or pain relief products) on sensor accuracy.

· Thirty-six percent agreed that inaccurate CGM alarms or alerts negatively affected daily life, and 34% agreed that they negatively affected diabetes management.