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Patterns and Trends in Continuous Glucose Monitoring Utilization Among Commercially Insured Individuals With Type 1 Diabetes: 2010–2013 to 2016–2019

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posted on 2024-01-19, 17:22 authored by Mary E. Lacy, Katherine E. Lee, Omer Atac, Kory Heier, John Fowlkes, Anna Kucharska-Newton, Daniela C. Moga

Prior studies suggest that only ~30% of patients with type 1 diabetes use continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), but most studies to date focused on children and young adults seen by endocrinologists or in academic centers. This study examined national trends in CGM utilization among commercially insured children and adults with type 1 diabetes. Overall, CGM utilization was 20.12% in 2010–2013 and 49.78% in 2016–2019, reflecting a 2.5-fold increase in utilization within a period of <10 years. Identifying populations with low CGM use is a necessary first step in developing targeted interventions to increase CGM uptake. Key Points · Roughly half (49.78%) of the individuals in our sample of commercially insured individuals with type 1 diabetes used continuous glucose monitoring from 2016 to 2019. · This represents a 2.5-fold increase in utilization within <10 years. · Utilization was highest in those who were aged 0–12 years, were female, had health maintenance organization insurance, and were living in urban areas.


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