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Feasibility and Acceptability of an Agenda-Setting Kit in the Care of People With Type 2 Diabetes: The QBSAFE ASK Feasibility Study

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posted on 2024-01-16, 20:35 authored by Shanzay Haider, Carolina Gonzalez-Lopez, Jennifer Clark, Derek L. Gravholt, Maggie Breslin, Kasey R. Boehmer, Sandra A. Hartasanchez, Brianna Sanchez, Victor M. Montori, Kasia J. Lipska

This article reports on a study to assess the feasibility of research procedures and acceptability of QBSAFE, a set of conversation cards focused on quality of life, treatment burden, safety, and avoidance of future events in people with type 2 diabetes. The study enrolled 84 patients and 7 clinicians. Of the 58 patients who completed questionnaires, 64% agreed that the QBSAFE ASK helped them discuss their situation, 78% agreed that others could benefit from it, and 38% said they would use it again. Most clinicians felt confident responding to issues (in 89% of encounters) and said they would use the kit again (78%) and recommend it to colleagues (82%). The QBSAFE agenda setting kit can be feasibly implemented and holds promise in facilitating discussion and collaborative problem-solving.

Key Points

· Diabetes self-management can impose a significant workload on patients and treatment can be burdensome. These aspects of living with diabetes often go unaddressed by clinicians.

· The QBSAFE agenda-setting kit is a novel approach to diabetes care that facilitates discussion about quality of life issues related to living with diabetes and collaborative problem-solving between people with diabetes and their clinicians.

· Shifting care models from being A1C-centric to more patient-centric may increase individuals’ capacity for self-care and thereby improve clinical outcomes.


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