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Variation in Patient-Described Barriers to and Facilitators of Diabetes Management by Individual-Level Characteristics: A Cross-Sectional, Open-Ended Survey

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posted on 16.02.2022, 19:23 by David J.T. Campbell, Harleen Ghuttora, Ana Mladenovic, Jordan Smith, Ryan Leigh, Laura Desveaux, Noah Ivers, Braden Manns, Marcello Tonelli, Christopher Naugler, Brenda Hemmelgarn, Kerry A. McBrien
This study analyzed patient-described barriers and facilitators related to diabetes management, focusing on how these differ by glycemia and across individual characteristics to facilitate targeted diabetes management strategies. A cross-sectional telephone survey was conducted with adult patients with diabetes in Alberta, Canada, asking two open-ended questions to describe the most helpful and difficult components of their diabetes management. Responses were analyzed using directed content analysis using the Theoretical Domains Framework as a template. The most frequently cited facilitator was care context and information and the most frequently cited barriers were cognitive challenges and structural barriers, with patient-perceived barriers and facilitators varying by individual-level factors.


Diabetes Canada