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Variation in Patient-Described Barriers to and Facilitators of Diabetes Management by Individual-Level Characteristics: A Cross-Sectional, Open-Ended Survey

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posted on 2022-02-16, 19:23 authored by David J.T. Campbell, Harleen Ghuttora, Ana Mladenovic, Jordan Smith, Ryan Leigh, Laura Desveaux, Noah Ivers, Braden Manns, Marcello Tonelli, Christopher Naugler, Brenda Hemmelgarn, Kerry A. McBrien
This study analyzed patient-described barriers and facilitators related to diabetes management, focusing on how these differ by glycemia and across individual characteristics to facilitate targeted diabetes management strategies. A cross-sectional telephone survey was conducted with adult patients with diabetes in Alberta, Canada, asking two open-ended questions to describe the most helpful and difficult components of their diabetes management. Responses were analyzed using directed content analysis using the Theoretical Domains Framework as a template. The most frequently cited facilitator was care context and information and the most frequently cited barriers were cognitive challenges and structural barriers, with patient-perceived barriers and facilitators varying by individual-level factors.


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