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Using data to improve the management of diabetes – the Tayside experience

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posted on 2022-10-26, 23:57 authored by Moneeza K Siddiqui, Christopher Hall, Scott G Cunningham, Rory McCrimmon, Andrew Morris, Graham P Leese, Ewan R Pearson


Tayside is a region in the East of Scotland and forms one of nine local government regions in the country. It is home to approximately 416,000 individuals who fall under the National Health Service Tayside (NHS Tayside) health board who provide healthcare services to the population. In Tayside, Scotland a comprehensive informatics network for diabetes care and research has been established for over 25 years, expanding more recently to a comprehensive Scotland-wide clinical care system, Scottish Care Information-Diabetesor SCI-Diabetes. This has enabled improved diabetes screening, integrated management of diabetic retinopathy, neuropathy, nephropathy, cardiovascular health, and other comorbidities. The regional health informatics network links all these specialized services with comprehensive laboratory testing, prescribing records, general practitioner records, and hospitalization records. Not only do patients benefit from the seamless interconnectedness of these data, the Tayside bioresource has enabled considerable research opportunities and the creation of biobanks. This review describes how health informatics has been used to improve care of people diabetes in Tayside and Scotland and, through anonymized data linkage, our understanding of the phenotypic and genotypic etiology of diabetes and associated complications and co-morbidities.


GoDARTS is funded and supported by the Wellcome Trust Type 2 Diabetes Case Control Collection (072960/Z/03/Z, 084726/Z/08/Z, 084727/Z/08/Z, 085475/Z/ 08/Z, 085475/B/08/Z) and as part of the EU IMI-SUMMIT programme). Tenovus Scotland and Diabetes UK grants. SHARE is NHS Scotland Research (NRS) infrastructure initiative and if funded by the Chief Scientists Office of the Scottish Government. Additional Funding and initiation of the spare blood retention at NHS Tayside was supported by the Wellcome Trust Biomedical Resource Award Number 099177/Z/12/Z. Additional genome-wide array data was funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) (INSPIRED 16/136/102) using UK aid from the UK Government to support global health research. These studies comply with the Declaration of Helsinki.


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