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Use of a Meter With Color-Range Indicators and a Mobile Diabetes Management App Improved Glycemic Control and Patient Satisfaction in an Underserved Hispanic Population: “Tu Salud”—a Randomized Controlled Partial Cross-Over Clinical Study

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posted on 2021-09-28, 15:36 authored by Maria Aparicio, Laurence B. Katz, Hilary Cameron, Frederico Ceppa
To demonstrate the clinical value of OneTouch (OT) Verio Flex glucose meter used in combination with a Spanish-language version of the OT Reveal mobile application (app) to support diabetes care and improve glycemic control in an underserved Hispanic population with type 2 diabetes. Test subjects (n = 81) used the meter and app for 12 weeks, while a randomized control group (n = 39) used their own glucose meters without connection to an app. Thereafter, test subjects continued the same regimen for an additional 12 weeks to determine the durability of effect, and control subjects crossed over to use the new meter and app. Test subjects experienced a mean reduction in A1C of 1.0% after 12 weeks (P <0.001), a statistically significant greater reduction than in control subjects (P = 0.045). The improvement in A1C in test subjects was sustained over the next 12 weeks. Crossed-over subjects also demonstrated significant improvements in A1C (P <0.001). Mean blood glucose was reduced significantly without an increase in hypoglycemia and results in range increased over 12 weeks of meter and mobile app use. Results were independent of subjects’ numeracy skills. Subjects using the new meter and app reacted favorably to the tools and expressed improvements in their diabetes treatment satisfaction based on Diabetes Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire–Change scores. Use of the OT meter and a Spanish-language version of its diabetes management app in an underserved population helped participants achieve a sustained improvement in glycemic control. The tools were well received by the subjects and may have important utility in other low-numeracy, low-literacy populations.


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