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Understanding Nutritional Knowledge and Experiences in Families With a Child Newly Diagnosed With Type 1 Diabetes

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posted on 2022-11-01, 14:26 authored by Francesco Satriale, John C. Garman, Siddhartha RoySiddhartha Roy, Jessica A. Parascando, Arthur Berg, Tamara Oser


Nutrition is an integral part of diabetes management. Caregiver nutritional knowledge has been implicated in glycemic management of youth with type 1 diabetes. This study assessed the nutritional knowledge of parents/caregivers of children newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. It found that there is a need for more targeted support and training during the initial diagnosis and a desire for more technology-related resources such as a virtual nutritionist-guided grocery shopping visits. Although the participant sample on average scored high on the nutritional knowledge assessment, the desired resources and support may also apply to those who scored lower on the assessment. 


Thomas L. and Jean L. Leaman