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Type 1 Diabetes Management With Technology: Patterns of Utilization and Effects on Glucose Control Using Real-World Evidence

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posted on 2021-02-12, 18:59 authored by Ran Sun, Imon Banerjee, Shengtian Sang, Jennifer Joseph, Jennifer Schneider, Tina Hernandez-Boussard
Key Points

· About one-third of patients with type 1 diabetes were found to use continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and/or continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) in routine clinical care.

· Disparities exist in CGM and CSII adoption, with device use more common in patients of higher socioeconomic status.

· Mining clinical narratives with natural language processing techniques can be applied successfully for medical device surveillance and cohort identification for observational studies.

· CGM use in conjunction with CSII after type 1 diabetes diagnosis is more effective than other therapy regimens and may translate to improved long-term glycemic control.


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