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Survey Reveals Patient and Health Care Provider Experiences and Challenges With the Use of High Doses of Basal Insulin

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posted on 2022-12-06, 19:28 authored by Jennifer D. Goldman, Eugenio Angueira-Serrano, Jeffrey S. Gonzalez, Christianne Pang, Jacqueline Tait, Steven Edelman


Type 2 diabetes is a chronic, progressive disease, and its management results in a high emotional burden on patents. Eventually many patients require and can benefit from the use of insulin. This article reports results of a survey of patients and health care providers regarding their experiences of and challenges with the use of basal insulin. Health care providers can play a key role in helping people with type 2 diabetes overcome the challenges associated with the use of basal insulin, including connecting with their emotional needs and understanding the stressors associated with managing diabetes.


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