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Parkland Diabetes Clinic

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posted on 2022-11-10, 18:46 authored by Farzan Jafri, Uma Gunasekaran


This project was conducted at the Parkland Diabetes Clinic in Dallas, TX, an endocrinology clinic that operates within the Parkland Health System, a safety-net health system that serves the indigent population of Dallas County. The clinic conducts ~1,200 visits per month, including new referrals, follow-up visits, social work services, teleretinal screenings, nursing services, mental health care, and diabetes education visits. The clinic has 16 providers, including several attending physicians (endocrinologists), several endocrinology fellows, physician associates, and nurse practitioners. The clinic is also supported by additional staff, including certified diabetes care and education specialists, a social worker, a clinical pharmacist, a part-time mental health counselor, and a part-time psychiatrist, as well as a nurses, medical assistants, and clerical staff.

The patient population served at the clinic is ethnically diverse (50% Hispanic/Latinos, 30% Black, and 15% non-Hispanic White) and predominantly underserved (50% receive charity care, and 10% have commercial insurance).