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Optimal number of steps per day to prevent all-cause mortality in people with pre-diabetes and diabetes

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posted on 2022-07-07, 12:44 authored by Jesus del Pozo-Cruz, Francisco Alvarez-Barbosa, Daniel Gallardo-Gomez, Borja del Pozo Cruz



We aimed to examine the dose-response associations between the number of steps per day and all-cause mortality among adults with pre-diabetes and diabetes.

Research design and Methods

This prospective study used data from 1194 US adults with pre-diabetes and 493 with diabetes for whom accelerometer-derived steps per day could be retrieved. Mortality was ascertained through the National Death Index(February 25, 2019). Splines were used to assess the dose-response associations between steps per day and all-cause mortality. 


Over ~9 years of follow-up 200 adults with pre-diabetes and 138 with diabetes died. Non-linear associations akin to an L-shape were observed. We estimated an optimal dose ~10000 steps per day to reduce the risk of all-cause mortality for both individuals with pre-diabetes and those with diabetes. 


Accumulating more steps per day up to ~10000 steps per day may lower the risk of all-cause mortality of adults with pre-diabetes and diabetes.