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Opportunities for Enhanced Transition of Care Preparation for Adolescents and Emerging Adults With Type 1 Diabetes: Use of the READDY Transition Tool

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posted on 2021-09-23, 21:10 authored by Camilia L. Kamoun, Jane C. Khoury, Sarah J. Beal, Nancy Crimmins, Sarah D. Corathers
There is an ongoing need to determine best practices for effective transition from pediatric to adult care for adolescents and emerging adults EAs with type 1 diabetes given the potential for poor health outcomes post-transfer. This study evaluated self-reported confidence ratings as measured by the Readiness of Emerging Adults with Diabetes Diagnosed in Youth (READDY) tool among adolescents and EAs with type 1 diabetes and the association of the confidence ratings with clinical and demographic characteristics, as well as provider documentation of relevant anticipatory guidance topics. The READDY is a diabetes-specific tool used to collect patient-reported confidence in transition preparation topics to target educational interventions. These interventions are divided into four domains: Diabetes Knowledge, Health System Navigation, Insulin Self-Management, and Health Behaviors. A retrospective chart review was conducted of patients 15–24 years of age with type 1 diabetes who completed the READDY between January 2017 and January 2018 at a single center. Overall patient-reported confidence levels were high. However, adolescents and EAs endorsed their lowest levels of confidence on items assessing knowledge of alcohol, tobacco, sexual health, and the impact of diabetes on pregnancy (females only), with the percentages of low scores of 20.7, 25.9, 35.9, and 42.9%, respectively. Documentation of provider counseling about screening and prevention of diabetes comorbidities, alcohol use, and tobacco use was associated with scores in the higher range for the corresponding item in the READDY. These findings highlight an opportunity to create interventions related to developmentally important topics for adolescents and EAs with type 1 diabetes to enhance successful transition preparation.


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