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MOVE! Enhanced: A Virtual Multidisciplinary Weight and Diabetes Management Program for High-Risk Veterans. A Feasibility Pilot.

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posted on 2022-05-26, 20:49 authored by Carlos E. Mendez, Kristen Bertram, Jill Hansen, Jill Taxman, Aaron Feest, Alfred Hanley, Andreaa L. Anton


The Clement J. Zablocki Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center delivers primary, secondary, and tertiary medical care in 166 acute operating beds and provides >600,000 visits annually through an extensive outpatient program. It is the largest VA facility in Wisconsin and, as part of the VA Integrated Services Network 12 (VISN 12), it is designated as a referral base for the upper peninsula of Michigan and northern Illinois. Throughout the state, the medical center has community-based outpatient clinics in Appleton and Green Bay, serving 11 counties in the north central region; Union Grove, serving four counties in the southeastern region, and Cleveland, serving four counties in the east central region. These programs serve a veteran population of ~250,000 (1)