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Intracutaneous Transplantation of Islets within a Biodegradable Temporizing Matrix (BTM) as an Alternative Site for Islet Transplantation

posted on 2023-03-22, 13:29 authored by Darling Rojas-Canales, Stacey N. Walters, Daniella Penko, Daniele Cultrone, Jacqueline Bailey, Tatyana Chtanova, Jodie Nitschke, Julie Johnston, Svjetlana Kireta, Thomas Loudovaris, Thomas W Kay, Tim R. Kuchel, Wayne Hawthorne, Philip J. O’Connell, Greg Korbutt, John E. Greenwood, Shane T. Grey, Chris J. Drogemuller, P.Toby Coates


Intra-hepatic islet transplantation for type-1 diabetes is limited by the need for multiple infusions and poor islet viability post-transplantation. The development of alternative transplantation sites is necessary to improve islet survival, and facilitate monitoring and retrieval. We tested a clinically proven Biodegradable Temporizing Matrix (BTM), a polyurethane-based scaffold, to generate a well vascularized intracutaneous ‘neo-dermis’ within the skin for islet transplantation.  In murine models, BTM did not impair syngeneic islet renal-subcapsular transplant viability or function, and facilitated diabetes cure for over 150 days. Further, BTM supported functional neonatal porcine islet transplants into RAG-1-/- mice for 400 days. Hence, BTM is non-toxic for islets. two-photon intravital imaging used to map vessel growth through time identified dense vascular networks, with significant collagen deposition and increases in vessel mass up to 30 days post-BTM implantation. In a pre-clinical porcine skin model, BTM implants created a highly-vascularized intracutaneous site by day 7 post-implantation. When syngeneic neonatal porcine islets were transplanted intracutaneously the islets remained differentiated as insulin producing cells, maintained normal islet architecture, secreted c-peptide, and survived for over 100 days. Here we show that BTM facilitates formation of an islet-supportive intracutaneous ‘neo-dermis’ in a porcine pre-clinical model, as an alternative islet transplant site.


This work was supported by JDRF International SRA-2016-257-S-B and the Hospital Research Foundation, South Australia. It was presented at the International Pancreas and Islet Transplantation Association meeting in Lyon, France in July 2019.


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