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Increasing Use of Diabetes Devices: What Do Health Care Professionals Need?

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posted on 2023-07-06, 15:24 authored by Laurel H. Messer, Tim Vigers, Halis K. Akturk, Gregory P. Forlenza, Kelsey B. Huss, Angela J. Karami, Emily Malecha, Sean M. Oser, Sarit Polsky, Laura Pyle, Viral N. Shah, R. Paul Wadwa, Tamara K. Oser


Key Points

· Continuous glucose monitoring systems, smart insulin pens, insulin pumps, and hybrid closed-loop insulin delivery systems can improve clinical outcomes for people with diabetes. However, many health care professionals (HCPs), especially in primary care, are not comfortable using these devices in their practice.

· HCPs in pediatric endocrinology, adult endocrinology, and primary care practices in the United States all endorsed the usefulness of clinical tools such as device insurance information and coverage assistance, online data platforms, and automated decision support for insulin dosing.

· Future innovative care systems that integrate clinical tools into a streamlined platform may help improve HCPs’ confidence with diabetes technology and increase uptake of these devices for people with diabetes. 


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