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Exploring the Burden of Mealtime Insulin Dosing in Adults and Children With Type 1 Diabetes

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posted on 2021-08-02, 18:09 authored by Wendy Lane, Emma Lambert, Jesso George, Naveen Rathor, Nandu Thalange
Timely and accurate mealtime insulin dosing can be an ongoing challenge for people with type 1 diabetes. This multinational, online study aimed to explore attitudes and behaviors around mealtime insulin dosing and the impact of mealtime dose timing, particularly with regard to premeal dosing (15–20 minutes before a meal). Although the majority of surveyed participants (96%) recognized the importance of accurate mealtime bolus insulin dosing, only a small proportion (35%) reported being “very confident” in accurate bolus insulin estimation. Given the choice, the majority of participants would prefer to administer insulin immediately before or after a meal, as this timing would improve their quality of life.


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