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Epoxygenase Cyp2c44 regulates hepatic lipid metabolism and insulin signaling by controlling FATP2 localization and activation of the DAG/PKCδ axis

posted on 2024-05-14, 16:48 authored by Kakali Ghoshal, James M. Luther, Suman B. Pakala, Sergei Chetyrkin, John R. Falck, Roy Zent, David H. Wasserman, Ambra Pozzi

Cytochrome P450 epoxygenase Cyp2c44, a murine epoxyeicosatrienoic acid (EET) producing enzyme, promotes insulin sensitivity and Cyp2c44(-/-) mice show hepatic insulin resistance. Because insulin resistance leads to hepatic lipid accumulation and hyperlipidemia, we hypothesized that Cyp2c44 regulates hepatic lipid metabolism. Standard chow diet (SD) fed male Cyp2c44(-/-) mice had significantly decreased EET levels and increased hepatic and plasma lipid levels compared to wild-type mice. We showed increased hepatic plasma membrane localization of the FA transporter 2 (FATP2) and total unsaturated fatty acids and diacylglycerol levels. Cyp2c44(-/-) mice had impaired glucose tolerance and increased hepatic plasma membrane-associated PKCδ and phosphorylated IRS-1, two negative regulators of insulin signaling. Surprisingly, SD and high fat diet fed (HFD) Cyp2c44(-/-) mice had similar glucose tolerance and hepatic plasma membrane PKCδ levels, suggesting that SD-fed Cyp2c44(-/-) mice have reached their maximal glucose intolerance. Inhibition of PKCδ resulted in decreased IRS-1 serine phosphorylation and improved insulin-mediated signaling in Cyp2c44(-/-) hepatocytes. Finally, Cyp2c44(-/-) HFD-fed mice treated with the analog EET-A showed decreased hepatic plasma membrane FATP2 and PCKDd levels with improved glucose tolerance and insulin signaling. In conclusion, loss of Cyp2c44 with concomitant decreased EET levels leads to increased hepatic FATP2 plasma membrane localization, diacylglycerol accumulation, and PKCδ-mediated attenuation of insulin signaling. Thus, Cyp2c44 acts as a regulator of lipid metabolism by linking it to insulin signaling.


This work was supported in part by ADA #1-19-IBS-282 (AP); 1S10OD023514 (Mass Spectrometry Core); National Institutes of Health grants R01-DK119212 (AP); R01-DK117875 (JML), U24-DK135073 (DHW), DK20593 (DHW), R01-DK050277 (DHW), R01 DK069921 (R. Z.); and by Department of Veterans Affairs Merit Reviews 1I01BX002025 (AP), 1I01BX002196 (R.Z.); the Robert A. Welch Foundation I-0011 (JRF). A. Pozzi is the recipient of a Department of Veterans Affairs Senior Research Career Scientist Award IK6 BX005240. The Metabolomics Workbench repository is supported by NIH grant U2C-DK119886.


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