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Ensuring Equitable Care in Diabetes Management Among Patients of Health Resources & Services Administration–Funded Health Centers in the United States

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posted on 2022-09-27, 15:09 authored by Nadereh Pourat, Xiao Chen, Connie LuConnie Lu, Weihao Zhou, Brionna Hair, Joshua Bolton, Alek Sripipatana


Aims. To explore whether there are racial/ethnic differences in diabetes management and outcomes among adult health center (HC) patients with type 2 diabetes.

Methods. We analyzed data from the 2014 Health Center Patient Survey, a national sample of HC patients. We examined indicators of diabetes monitoring (A1C testing, annual foot/eye doctor visits, and cholesterol checks) and care management (specialist referrals, individual treatment plan, and receipt of calls/appointments/home visits). We also examined diabetes-specific outcomes (blood glucose levels, diabetes-related emergency department [ED] visits/hospitalizations, and diabetes self-management confidence) and general outcomes (number of doctor visits, ED visits, and hospitalizations). We used multilevel logistic regression models to examine racial/ethnic disparities by the above indicators. 

Results. We found racial/ethnic parity in A1C testing, eye doctor visits, and diabetes-specific outcomes. However, Hispanics/Latinos (odds ratio [OR] 0.26), non-Hispanic African Americans (OR 0.25), and Asians (OR 0.11) were less likely to receive a cholesterol check than Whites. Non-Hispanic African Americans (OR 0.43) were less likely to have frequent doctor visits, while Hispanic/Latino patients (OR 0.45) were less likely to receive an individual treatment plan. 

Conclusion. HCs largely provide equitable diabetes care but have room for improvement in some indicators. Tailored efforts such as culturally competent care and health education for some racial/ethnic groups may be needed to improve diabetes management and outcomes. 


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