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Electrophysiological characterisation of iPSC-derived human β-like cells and an SLC30A8 disease model

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posted on 2024-05-22, 18:43 authored by Manon Jaffredo, Nicole A. J. Krentz, Benoite Champon, Claire E. Duff, Sameena Nawaz, Nicola Beer, Christian Honore, Anne Clark, Patrik Rorsman, Jochen Lang, Anna L. Gloyn, Matthieu Raoux, Benoit Hastoy


BH is a Diabetes UK R.D. Lawrence Fellow (BDA number:19/0005965) and is also supported by King Abdulaziz University & Oxford University Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Precision Medicines (KO-CAIPM). M.J. is supported by an EFSD Albert Renold award, MJ & MR are supported by the French Ministry of Research & Education, JL is supported by the FEDER DIAGLYC & ANR DIABLO (ANR-18-CE17-0005). ALG is a Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow in Basic Biomedical Science. Work in ALG’s laboratory was funded by the Wellcome Trust (200837), and the National Institutes of Health (UM-1DK126185).