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Efficacy and safety of intermittent fasting in people with insulin-treated type 2 diabetes (INTERFAST-2) - a randomized controlled trial

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posted on 2022-12-12, 17:42 authored by Anna-Maria Obermayer, Norbert J. Tripolt, Peter N. Pferschy, Harald Kojzar, Faisal AzizFaisal Aziz, Alexander Müller, Markus Schauer, Abderrahim Oulhaj, Felix Aberer, Caren Sourij, Hansjörg Habisch, Tobias Madl, Thomas Pieber, Barbara Obermayer-Pietsch, Vanessa Stadlbauer, Harald Sourij



To investigate the safety and feasibility of three non-consecutive days of intermittent fasting (IF) per week over 12 weeks in participants with insulin-treated type 2 diabetes.  

Research Design and Methods

46 people were randomized to an IF or control group. Dietary counselling and continuous glucose monitoring was provided. Co-primary endpoints were the change in HbA1c from baseline to 12 weeks and a composite endpoint (weight reduction ≥2% and insulin dose reduction ≥10% and HbA1c reduction ≥3mmol/mol).


The IF group showed a significant HbA1c reduction (-7.3±12.0 mmol/mol) compared to the control group (0.1±6.1 mmol/mol) over 12 weeks (p=0.012). The co-primary endpoint was achieved by eight people in the IF and none in the control group (p<0.001). No severe hypoglycemia occurred.


IF is a safe and feasible dietary option to ameliorate glycemic control while reducing total daily insulin dose and body weight in insulin-treated people with type 2 diabetes.


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