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Effectiveness of RADAR: An Innovative Model to Organize Diabetes Care in First Nations Communities

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posted on 2023-01-27, 19:39 authored by Dean T. Eurich, Lisa A. Wozniak, Allison Soprovich, Jasjeet K. Minhas-Sandhu, Lynden Crowshoe, Jeffrey A. Johnson, Salim Samanani


Challenges exist for the management of diabetes care in First Nations populations. RADAR (Reorganizing the Approach to Diabetes through the Application of Registries) is a culturally appropriate, innovative care model that incorporates a disease registry and electronic health record for local care provision with remote coordination, tailored for First Nations people. This study assessed the effectiveness of RADAR on patient outcomes and diabetes care organization in participating communities in Alberta, Canada. It revealed significant improvements in outcomes after 2 years, with 91% of patients achieving a primary combined endpoint of a 10% improvement in or persistence at target for A1C, systolic blood pressure, and/or LDL cholesterol. Qualitative assessment showed that diabetes care organization also improved. These multi-method findings support tailored diabetes care practices in First Nations populations.


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