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Conversations and Reactions Around Severe Hypoglycemia (CRASH) Study: Results From People With Diabetes and Caregivers in the United States

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posted on 2022-05-26, 14:28 authored by Frank J. Snoek, Erik Spaepen, Barbara A. Nambu, Christopher J. Child, Sanjay Bajpai, Zaneta Balantac, Donald M. Bushnell, Robin M. Pokrzywinski, Beth D. Mitchell

A survey was conducted in eight countries to examine conversations around, and experiences and treatments during, severe hypoglycemia among people with diabetes and caregivers of people with diabetes. This article reports a subgroup analysis from the United States involving 219 people with diabetes and 210 caregivers. Most respondents (79.7%) did not use professional health care services during their most recent severe hypoglycemic event, and 40.3% did not report the event to their health care providers at a subsequent follow-up visit. Hypoglycemic events left respondents feeling scared (70.9%), unprepared (42.7%), and helpless (46.9%). These clinically important psychosocial impacts on people with diabetes and caregivers underscore the need for conversations about hypoglycemia prevention and management.


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