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Prevention and Management of Diabetes-Related Eye Disease

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posted on 2020-03-09, 15:07 authored by Ada AdminAda Admin, Thomas W. Gardner, Jennifer A. Wyckoff, Anjali R. Shah, Jill E. Bixler, Charles C. Wykoff, Blake A. Cooper, Ravi S.J. Singh
This compendium is intended as a guide to diabetes-related eye disease for primary care providers (PCPs), who treat the vast majority of people with diabetes in the United States. Its goal is to provide the information PCPs need to understand the eye complications of diabetes and effectively counsel patients about them. The chapters included offer discussions of 1) diabetes-related risk factors for vision impairment; 2) cataracts and cataract surgery in people with diabetes; 3) diabetes-related retinopathy (DR), including its pathogenesis, classification, diagnosis, and treatment; and 4) the emotional aspects of diabetes-induced vision impairment. The underlying premise is that PCPs and ophthalmologists share common goals in collaborating to care for people with diabetes.

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